METEC Site Visit

On Thursday, October 11th, 2018, participants in the Environmental Partnership had the opportunity to visit METEC, a research and testing facility located at Colorado State University. More than 20 members of the Partnership joined the tour.

Dan Zimmerle, Senior Associate at CSU, providing a guided tour to representatives of The Environmental Partnership.

At METEC, researchers work to create conditions similar to what oil and natural gas producers face at their production facilities. They then intentionally create small methane leaks and test methane sensing technologies to ensure they are working properly, and discover which methods and equipment work best. METEC’s research has looked at a variety of methane sensing methods, including OGI cameras, sensors, drones, helicopters, airplanes and satellite.

Shell’s Paul Tupper and Brad Morello testing an OGI camera at the METEC facility.

Participants on the tour had the opportunity to ask detailed questions of the researchers, and learn how to apply some of the lessons learned to their own facilities. More than twenty different companies have used the METEC site to test their own equipment.