Leak Program

Leak Detection and Repair Program for Oil and Gas production sources.



The production and transportation of natural gas requires miles of pipelines and significant numbers of valves, flanges, and welded connections. While the natural gas and oil industry invest significant resources into maintaining their infrastructure, some leaks can be difficult to detect and may release methane and VOCs into the atmosphere.

Timely Repair of Leaking Equipment

Participants will implement initial monitoring at selected sites using instrument methods and technologies such as Method 21 or optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras to detect methane leaks.

Program Specifics:

Emissions Source: Company plan will outline criteria for site selection (e.g., percent production, number of sites, etc.)


OGI camera, Method 21, or other instrument/technology.


Phased in, initiated within 18 months with all participating sites covered within a maximum five year period.

Repair Period:

Completed within 60 days unless delay of repair is required to wait until the next scheduled shutdown or pending part availability.

Program Reporting and Content:

The Environmental Partnership will report the number of sites monitored and number of leaks repaired on an annual basis.



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