The Environmental Partnership is comprised of companies in the U.S. oil and natural gas industry committed to continuously improve the industry’s environmental performance.

Who We Are

Participants will be taking action, learning about best practices and technologies, and fostering collaboration in order to responsibly develop our nation’s essential natural gas and oil resources.

What We're 



By taking action, learning and collaborating, our participants are working to help reduce emissions.

How to



Working together, our industry and its partners can continue to improve our environmental performance.


At Encana, sustainability is exemplified in our efforts towards innovative and efficient business practices. The Environmental Partnership provides a forum for collaborating with industry partners on the use of technologies and best management practices to reduce emissions without dictating solutions. Encana’s participation in The Environmental Partnership demonstrates our commitment to reducing VOC emissions through innovation and deployment of efficient, sustainable business practices.

Michael McAllister

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Encana Services Company Ltd.



Occidental employs cutting-edge technologies and processes to contribute to the decline in methane emissions and to achieve exemplary safety and environmental performance. Our participation in The Environmental Partnership is an extension of Occidental’s continuing commitment to conducting its business in a manner that protects the health and safety of people and the environment at its facilities and in the communities where we operate.

Vicki Hollub

President & CEO, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Participation in The Environmental Partnership demonstrates our commitment to understanding how we might work to further reduce our overall methane profile. The Environmental Partnership’s programs will play a complementary role to our ongoing work in reducing emissions, providing a platform for collaboration with other participants, other experts and share best practices while we learn from one another.

Thomas E. Jorden

President and CEO, Cimarex

Driving continuous environmental improvement while safely providing energy to the world requires innovation and collaboration. ConocoPhillips is proud to participate in The Environmental Partnership as we work together to reduce emissions and improve environmental performance.

Dominic Macklon

President Lower 48, ConocoPhillips

Shell is a proud member of The Environmental Partnership in part because it provides a smart strategic framework with measurable and sustainable programs. It’s a unique platform that showcases industry efforts to do more to reduce methane emissions. We are excited by the continued growth of this important voluntary effort.

Gretchen Watkins

President Shell Oil Company
Executive Vice President for Shell’s Unconventionals business

The right people doing the right things is the foundation of our Southwestern Energy culture. Positive change is a part of that culture and our passion to add value to everything we do. Our participation in the Environmental Partnership extends our work and emphasis on environmental stewardship. We take pride in setting the standards for safety, community involvement and environmental responsibility and are always searching for ways we can become better partners and aim for even greater involvement. We fully support The Environmental Partnership as a means to learn and share ideas, science and technology with other operators in an effort to drive positive change.

Bill Way

President & CEO, Southwestern Energy

We recognize the challenge of providing the energy the world needs while reducing emissions. The Environmental Partnership aligns with our own longstanding commitment to reduce emissions while meeting global energy demand.

Sara Ortwein

President, XTO Energy

Our environment is something we all share, and the responsibility to protect it is something we strive to incorporate into all operating activities. Anadarko’s participation in The Environmental Partnership is another important step in demonstrating our commitment to reduce emissions and safeguard the health of our communities. Having supported scientific studies, worked with environmental organizations and collaborated with others in industry over the years, we are continuously implementing new technologies, learning and sharing knowledge with the goal of improving our environmental performance. We look forward to working with the other members of The Environmental Partnership to further advance these efforts.

Al Walker

Anadarko Chairman, President and CEO

Sustainability is at the core of who we are. The Environmental Partnership presents a distinct opportunity for BHP to continue our voluntary efforts to reduce negative environmental impacts across the industry, such as methane emissions, while contributing to a safe and sustainable future.

 Alex Archila

Asset President for Shale at BHP Petroleum

The Environmental Partnership will further enhance BHP’s mission to deploy innovative and sustainable technologies in support of our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint.

Steve Pastor

President of Petroleum at BHP

Chevron is proud to be among the first companies to commit to implementing the programs of The Environmental Partnership. This initiative demonstrates the industry’s commitment to reducing VOC emissions through innovation and deployment of best practices.

Jeff Shellebarger

President, Chevron North America Exploration and Production

Environmental protection is an integral part of Noble Energy’s commitment to operational excellence and we’ve made significant advances in reducing U.S. methane emissions. Our participation in The Environmental Partnership Program increases our ability to access key information, better understand how innovation can contribute to methane management and further apply environmental best practices across our operations.

Gary Willingham

Executive Vice President, Noble Energy


Equinor is proud to support The Environmental Partnership and collaborate with industry and other stakeholders to reduce methane emissions, promote best practices, and advance technology. Equinor believes that it is our responsibility to contribute to energy production that continuously strives to have a lower carbon footprint. By reducing methane emissions, natural gas will be an even more attractive part of a future low carbon energy mix. For years, Equinor has been implementing procedures that reduce emissions from our operations.

Andrea Kubik

VP DPUSA, Equinor



The participants in The Environmental Partnership are American companies of all sizes who are working together to produce our nation’s essential natural gas and oil resources in an environmentally responsible manner.