Annual Conference 2018

The Environmental Partnership held its first annual conference on Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Collaboration is one of the three pillars of the Environmental Partnership, and that was on full display at the conference which included 42 different organizations and companies.

The conference brought together oil and natural gas producers, manufacturers, researchers and regulators to discuss air emissions and the best tools and methods for containing them.

BP and Sequitor BP’s Jim Nolan and Sequitur Energy Resource’s Russ Perry discuss the advancements and challenges of pneumatic controllers in onshore production operations. 

This year’s conference focused on pneumatic controllers, which are an important tool at many production sites but also are the industry’s largest source of methane emissions. Participants heard separate presentations from the EPA and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment about studies they are undertaking to look at emissions from these devices.

Also included in the conference was a panel discussion of device manufacturers who talked about new technologies for pneumatic controllers that are designed to prevent malfunctions and reduce methane emissions. The conference concluded with a presentation on Colorado State University’s nearby METEC site, a facility that allows companies to test methane sensing technologies before deploying them in the field.

Throughout the conference, participants engaged in robust conversations as well as question and answer sessions with industry experts.

CDPHE and APIColorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Lisa Devore and Jeramy Murray discuss the results of recent pneumatic controller studies with API’s Mike Paules.