Dan Zimmerle: Collaborating for Excellence

“Through its grant and promotional efforts, The Environmental Partnership has helped enhance our research into methane-sensing technologies and fostered important ties between researchers and producers. ” – DAN ZIMMERLE, Senior Research Associate Colorado State University and Director of METEC

The Environmental Partnership aids research into advanced emissions detection technology

The Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Center (METEC) at Colorado State University models natural gas facilities so that researchers can test and evaluate new methane-sensing technologies. Dan Zimmerle is a Senior Research Associate in the Energy Institute at Colorado State University and Director of METEC.

“In just its first year, The Environmental Partnership recognized the shared goal of METEC to bring together energy and environmental researchers with the industry to advance research. This has extraordinary benefits for researchers and oil and natural gas producers, and ultimately, our environment.”

“Our efforts to study the performance of optical gas imaging cameras was assisted by a grant from The Environmental Partnership. The grant allowed us to invite participating company camera operators to the site to conduct more testing and data collection. Ultimately, this will further advance our understanding of how the cameras perform in different operating scenarios and create a benchmark for the testing and use of new technologies.”

“The Environmental Partnership’s support was also helpful in promoting METEC and making more companies aware of our work. As a result, we’ve seen more oil and natural gas producers using our site to test their own equipment and improve their environmental performance. We’re grateful for the collaboration and support of The Environmental Partnership and expect the connections it is helping to foster between all of us will continue to better identify and reduce emissions.”

Dan Zimmerle