Tyler Timmons: Building Knowledge


“As a smaller operator in the Permian, it was important for us to attend and have an opportunity to communicate to the other local operators the value of being a participating company in The Environmental Partnership. ” – TYLER TIMMONS, Production Engineer for CrownQuest Operating

Crownquest finds value in the environmental partnership’s focus on leak detection and repair programs

CrownQuest Operating is an active oil and natural gas exploration and production company based in Midland, Texas, that has operations in several areas of the continental U.S. Tyler Timmons, an engineer for the company, describes its involvement with The Environmental Partnership.

“At CrownQuest, we place a premium on shared vision and systemic understanding, from operations to the office. As a founding member of The Environmental Partnership, we have had the ability to strengthen our company-wide shared vision and systemic understanding through our Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program.”

“When CrownQuest became involved with The Partnership, our company was still finalizing our LDAR program. Through The Partnership, we were able to learn from and collaborate with companies who already had successful LDAR programs in place. Being able to see the depth and details of those programs helped springboard our own, enabling us to operate our facilities at a higher level.”

“The Environmental Partnership’s workshops have also been a great help in allowing us to discuss field operations with colleagues and share information about our own experiences. We have been honored to lead presentations at these workshops and benefitted from listening to the presentations of other companies. Because of The Environmental Partnership, CrownQuest is able to keep building on our accomplishments and become better stewards in our own community.”

Tyler Timmons