The Environmental Partnership’s Permian Spring Workshop 2018

On Friday April 4th, the Environmental Partnership hosted its first industry workshop in Odessa, Texas. At the workshop, participants enjoyed a rare opportunity to come together with their colleagues in the oil and natural gas industry. The workshop, hosted by Baker Hughes, included multiple presentations from industry experts on how companies could further reduce their environmental footprints in a cost-effective manner. More than 30 companies were represented, and an afternoon session was added to accommodate the large number of attendees.

During the workshop, participants learned the foundations of implementing an effective leak detection and repair program and how, through use of readily-available software, the leak surveys and results can be tracked in the company’s database to effectively manage timely repair. Attendees also learned about current and pending environmental regulations that will impact their operations and how one company has changed their approach to site designs in an effort further minimize emissions.

The workshop also included ample question and answer periods, where participants were able to discuss their own unique situations and how to better improve their technologies and practices.

“As a smaller operator in the Permian, it was important for us to attend and have an opportunity to communicate to the other local operators the value of being a participating company in The Environmental Partnership,” – Tyler Timmons, Production Engineer for Crownquest.

“We’re very supportive of The Environmental Partnership and its mission. This workshop provided us an opportunity to share some of our learnings and the best practices that we have incorporated into our operations,” – XTO Energy’s Nina Hutton, Vice President – Environmental, Health & Safety.

“The staff of University Lands is encouraging all Oil & Gas Operators to consider joining the Environmental Partnership.  This opportunity to participate and be recognized as a member of this important Program provides oil and gas producers with a way to collectively demonstrate the environmental stewardship that is being achieved by our industry,” – Richard Brantley, Sr. VP Operations with University Lands.