The Environmental Partnership Permian Workshop 2022

In the Fall of 2022, The Environmental Partnership held a workshop, hosted by Chevron, in Midland, Texas. The event provided Permian operators with an opportunity to learn more about evolving technologies for emissions detection and mitigation – from continuous monitoring to aerial surveying – as well as a discussion about the projects within The Partnership, including an overview of the compressor study underway in collaboration with Colorado State University (CSU).

The Environmental Partnership’s Basin Teams advance information-sharing and learning among local operators to promote additional action to reduce methane emissions.

Tim Vaugh at the Permian Workshop 2022

Kerry Harpole at the Permian Workshop 2022

“The participating companies of The Environmental Partnership understand that best practices regarding methane emissions are not a competitive edge. We know it is our responsibility to attend Partnership events and openly discuss our successes and challenges to help accelerate the industry’s march toward environmental excellence.”

Arica Gonzalez

Facilities Engineering Supervisor, Diamondback Energy