Compressor Program

Compressor Program for Onshore Oil and Natural Gas Transmission Operations



Informed by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program data, this program focuses on actions that reduce emissions from reciprocating and centrifugal compressors within oil and natural gas transmission operations.

Program Application

Program applies to onshore gathering and boosting, natural gas processing plants, and transmission and storage facilities.

Program Specifics

Participating companies will implement various compressor emission reduction practices, such as converting centrifugal compressor wet seals to dry seals, converting centrifugal compressor gas start to air or electric, replacing reciprocating compressor rod packings, installing “low-e” rod packings, and routing compressor emissions to a capture system for beneficial use, flare, or control device to achieve at least a 95% reduction in emissions.

Program Reporting and Content

The Environmental Partnership will report actions taken on an annual basis.

Flare Management


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