Maintenance and Integrity Program

Maintenance and Integrity Program for Liquid Pipelines and Facilities



Midstream liquid pipeline companies are an integral part of the supply chain, responsible for moving oil and natural gas from the wellhead through the transportation infrastructure necessary to get fuels and feedstocks to market. This program was developed to help participating companies implement best practices that improve integrity and maintenance programs to reduce emissions and product releases to the environment.

Program Application

Program applies to interstate and intrastate liquid petroleum pipelines and facilities within the transmission and storage segments.

Program Specifics:

Participating companies will implement one or more of the following methods to improve their maintenance and integrity programs, with the methods aimed at reducing emissions and preventing releases, including: pipeline inspection; pipeline maintenance; pipeline repair; tank maintenance/repair; facilities maintenance; leak detection systems/program.

Program Reporting and Content:

The Environmental Partnership will report actions taken on an annual basis.

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